NOTE: Christian Interfaith Ministries references both the King James ("KJV") and New International ("NIV") versions of the Holy Bible.

The Chapel serves as a portal for accessing our church content.  In order to get the most out of this content we recommend that the following three steps be performed.

  1. Select and listen to the desired Weekly Topic.
  2. After listening to the Weekly Topic, take a little time each day to listen to one of the Daily Devotionals (preferably in order).
  3. Finally, select and listen to the corresponding Weekly Sermon.

With these three easy steps we hope that you will be able to develop or enhance your spiritual acumen.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us using the 'Contact Us' page.  We are happy to provide one-on-one consultations and guidance upon request.

We also ask that you make a contribution in any amount to our Ministry.  As little as a dollar can go a long way toward's both maintaining this platform and developing additional outlets to spread God's message.

For more information about giving a donation or how donations are used please visit "The Offering Tray."  Thank you for your consideration, and may God bless and keep you.